Live Virtual Tour: Hidden Gems of Taipei

Join us on Zoom for a live virtual tour in which we will live stream from Taipei to show you a charming Starbucks cafe and other hidden gems in the city!

🛰 Live from Taipei
🕒 1 Hr Duration
🌐 English / Chinese

  • Drive and walk you around Taipei
  • Feel free to interrupt us anytime to ask questions
  • Get tips from us on planning your next Taiwan trip
  • Join with friends and family to have fun together
  • Support locals who lost their income due to COVID-19

Availability and Price

  • 6 June, 2020 (Saturday), 9:00 AM (GMT+8)
  • 7 June, 2020 (Sunday), 9:00 AM (GMT+8)
  • 13 June, 2020 (Saturday), 9:00 AM (GMT+8)
  • 14 June, 2020 (Sunday), 9:00 AM (GMT+8)
$10 SGD – supportBook
$20 SGD – support and get $12 SGD OWNRIDES voucherBook
Pay-as-you-wish after the tour ($5, $10, $15 or any amount)Book
Tour will be rescheduled if less than 5 guests sign up

Exclusive tour for just your friends and family on your preferred date and time is available for $50 SGD too. Book it here.

What To Expect

Looking forward to exploring Taipei but can’t do so now? Then join us for Taiwan’s very first live virtual tour and let us drive and walk you around the city. It will be interactive so you can interrupt us anytime to ask your questions and we will also share tips on how to plan your next Taiwan trip along the way. At the end of the tour, we will have more time for Q&A. It will be even more fun if your friends and family are joining too!

↑ Walk into this charming mansion once owned by the wealthy Lin family in Taiwan but now converted into a Starbucks cafe

↑ Walk around this cinematic park so near Ximending but few tourists know

↑ Drive through this old street where locals always come for Chinese New Year

↑ Walk to the still functioning pier where people can still take ferry up and down the Tamsui river

How To Participate

Download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device. After you book, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join the video call.


“It was an interesting experience, feel that I am also walking along the streets of Taipei.” – Derrica

“It was pleasant and nostalgic, makes me want to go back to Taiwan.” – Kelvin