Get to know our drivers: Jeff

Your safety is a top concern for us at OWNRIDES. Aside from ensuring fair prices and convenience, we only work with experienced and reliable drivers for your best experience and safety. In this series, we want to introduce you to the drivers we work with. This way, you get a better sense of who you’re going to meet, and feel at home when contracting our wonderful drivers.

The first in our series is Jeff!

Jeff, an OWNRIDES driver, holding up two bunches of bananas while smiling
Photo courtesy of Jeff

An experienced driver, and a friendly and humble person, we ensure your trip in Taiwan will be smooth-sailing with him guiding you. He has been driving for 8 years now. Still, his favourite thing about his job is the learning opportunities that they provide. He loves learning from his passengers; interacting with a wide variety of cultures and demographics.

1. Most memorable moment

We asked Jeff what most his memorable moment in 8 years of driving was. He immediately recounts his experience with a particular customer — an 88 year-old lady from Boston. Her child was in Taiwan for a business trip, and she wanted to explore Taipei and Taiwanese culture on her own. Two of the places Jeff brought her to were the National Palace Museum and the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. Both these places are popular places in Taiwan, as they represent much of Taiwan’s history, culture, and art.

National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan in the day
Photo credits to eazytraveler

The National Palace Museum was built in the same style as ancient Chinese palaces, making for a grand and picturesque location. Moreover, it represents the significance the museum has to Chinese culture and history. The museum houses hundreds of artifacts, each having their own story behind it.

Landscape of Zhishan Garden in National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
Photo credits to National Palace Museum

Beside the museum itself lies the Zhishan Garden. There you can take a relaxing stroll while enjoying the view of Chinese landscaping, with numerous pavilions, ponds, and pathways throughout the garden.

Wide angle of Chang Kai Shiek Memorial Hall in Taipei in the evening
Photo credits to Jirka Matousek
Symmetrical view of Chang Kai Shiek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan
Photo credits to Jirka Matousek

The Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall commemorates the life of one of Taiwan’s founding leaders, Chiang Kai Shek. Aside from the beautiful architecture and artifacts within the museum, regular lectures, courses, and even concerts are held in the memorial hall. More details about the programmes can be viewed here.

What Jeff admires about his customer is her energy. Despite her age, she has no issue with long haul flights, and still wants to actively explore and learn, which is really impressive! After she has returned to America, she and Jeff still maintain contact and have even exchanged gifts. This long-lasting friendship that Jeff made was a happy and memorable event for Jeff.

2. Favourite place in Taiwan

Although Jeff says he generally loves any place in Taiwan, if he had to pick, his favourite place would be Hehuanshan. Hehuanshan is a mountain in central Taiwan, fabulous for hiking and enjoying a phenomenal view.

Hehuanshan in Nantou, Taiwan
Photo credit to Mark Kao

Jeff also mentions that Hehuanshan is easy to access by car. So if you’re not too keen to hike (or perhaps the weather is not favourable), perhaps a leisurely drive to Hehuanshan and a slow stroll around the beautiful mountain could be an alternative. Jeff could also give you a tour of this beautiful place!

We hope that this post has inspired confidence in our service and in our drivers’ service! OWNRIDES ensures the quality and professionalism of all our drivers, and as you can see from Jeff, they are exceptionally friendly as well! Do check us out at for more information!

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