Check out the coolest new attraction in Taiwan – the Miaoli Rail Bike!

Be the first to experience Taiwan’s coolest new attraction!

The newly opened Miaoli Rail Bike is a unique experience like no other. Utilising the former Sanyi Mountain Railway lines, new four-seater carriages have been built to allow you to cycle through Miaoli. Visitors can once more savour the breathtaking views along the Sanyi Mountain Line.

The Rail Bike gives visitors the opportunity to experience iconic landmarks from a different perspective. One example is the Broken Longteng Bridge – from the Rail Bike, you are able to capture the beauty of the bridge from a special, panoramic viewpoint.

Lady riding the Miao Li Rail Bike
Image credit: 苗栗玩透透/TourMiaoli on Facebook

The Rail Bike will open in two sections – the first opens mid-August, while the second section of the railway will be open early 2019. In the first section of the Rail Bike, visitors start from the popular Shengxing Station, travel through the No. 2 Tunnel Station, head towards the Longteng Broken Bridge, and finally end off at the end of the No. 6 Tunnel. A round trip is estimated to take around 1.5 hours to travel through 12km. Do not worry if that sounds like a tiring distance – all the carriages on the Rail Bike are equipped with engines that aid your journey. The second section will connect the Rail Bike to Taichung, making for an even more exciting ride.

Please do keep in mind that to ensure the safety of the Rail Bike’s riders, a few important protocols have been made by the operators. All riders are required to wear helmets and safety harnesses throughout the journey. Moreover, the bikes are limited to a speed of 12 kilometres an hour, and the distance between carriages will be kept to at least 5 metres. Each bike carriage is also equipped with shock absorbers, to protect riders in the unlikely case of a collision. Lastly, pregnant women, people with heart conditions, and children under 6 are not allowed on the ride, in consideration for their well-being and safety.

Workers testing the safety of Miaoli Rail Bike
Safety helmets and harnesses worn by the Miaoli Rail Bike Staff. Image credits: 苗栗縣政府文化觀光局/Miaoli Culture and Tourism Bureau

Each ride is projected to cost NT280 per person. From its opening in August till September, only 40 carriages will be utilised, and a further 20 will be released in October. More carriages will be introduced again in the future. Quickly grab the chance to enjoy the Rail Bike before anyone else! OWNRIDES has catered a Miaoli Rail Bike Day Tour specially for you to enjoy the Rail Bike and other attractions around Miaoli, so make sure to check it out!


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