Get to know our drivers: Jia Xin

EmThis week, let us introduce: Jia Xin!

Jia Xin selfie

Jia Xin has been a private driver for 6 years now. A down-to-earth and caring man, he decided to become a private driver due to the flexible work hours, which allows him to spend more time with his family. In his years as a private driver, he finds that his favourite part of the job is to interact with his clients. So fear not! Your journey in Taiwan with Jia Xin will be a friendly and welcoming experience.

  1. Most memorable moment

In general, what Jia Xin remembers the most is the look of relief, happiness, and comfort that his customers have during their journey. It’s not hard to imagine why – private transportation, especially in the safe hands of our drivers, is fuss-free, convenient, and comfortable. Instead of worrying about how to get from place to place, or having to drag your heavy luggage and shopping bags around, you can focus on immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Taiwan.

One passenger he specifically remembers is a Singaporean customer who visits Taiwan every year. And every year, he contacts Jia Xin as a private driver. This year, Jia Xin says, is the fifth year that Jia Xin’s been driving him around Taiwan. As much as Jia Xin is grateful for the loyalty, I think it also goes to show the trustworthiness and the quality of service from Jia Xin.

  1. Favourite place in Taiwan

Cingjing landscape in the afternoon with clear skies
Credits to tak.wing

Jia Xin’s favourite place to go in Taiwan in Cingjing Farm (清境農場). We absolutely agree with him that Cingjing is beautiful – fresh air, great scenery any time of year, and pleasant, cooling weather. We highly recommend going to Cingjing and experiencing the beauty for yourself, because it is difficult to capture such beauty in words or pictures – check out our popular Cingjing tours here and here!

Wooden houses at Cingjing
Credits to tak.wing

Jia Xin also recommends staying in one of the wooden houses on Cingjing. He says that the weather on Cingjing is so good, that there is no need for air conditioning in these houses.

  1. Favourite food

What’s a trip to Taiwan without mentioning food? Here are the delicacies Jia Xin recommends:

Braised pork rice (滷肉饭)

Delicious Lu Rou Fan or Braised Pork Rice
Credits to Ruocaled

As the same suggests, this dish is a serving of melt-in-your-mouth, savoury goodness that is braised pork belly, served over a steaming bowl of fluffy rice. A Taiwanese staple, you can’t go wrong with it.

Soup dumplings (小笼包)

Xiao Long Bao or Soup Dumplings in a steam cookware
Credits to Ruocaled

Xiao Long Bao is a unique dumpling that has soup in it. Careful when it’s hot! Usually served with vinegar and ginger, this little dumpling packs a delicious punch.

Beef noodles (牛肉麵)

Taiwan beef noodles
Credits to bryan…

Taiwanese Beef Noodles are well-known and loved. Another simple yet flavourful dish, the tender beef and springy noodles will leave you more than satisfied.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry.

  1. Lesser-known places

We decided to tap on local expertise and asks Jia Xin for lesser-known places he would recommend travellers to go. One of the places he recommended is Jingtong Old Street (菁桐).

Empty tracks at Jingtong Old Street
Credits to billy1125
Bamboo Sticks for luck at Jingtong Old Street
Credits to billy1125

Jingtong Old Street is located near the Jingtong Railway Station in Pingxi. If you are travelling from Taipei City towards Jiufen or Shifen, you can consider dropping by Jingtong to take a look. The main interest of Jingtong Old Street is the many bamboo sticks lined along the street. These bamboo sticks are meant for visitors to write on their wishes. Give it a try! After all, wishes do come true.

We hope that this post has inspired confidence in our service and in our drivers’ service! OWNRIDES ensures the quality and professionalism of all our drivers, and as you can see from Jia Xin, they are exceptionally friendly as well! Do check us out at for more information!

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