Get to know our drivers: Stanley

Your safety is a top concern for us at OWNRIDES. Aside from ensuring fair prices and convenience, we only work with experienced and reliable drivers for your best experience and safety. In this series, we want to introduce you to the drivers we work with. This way, you get a better sense of who you’re going to meet, and feel at home when contracting our wonderful drivers.

This week, let us introduce: Stanley!

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-07 at 07.53.11
This is Stanley and his lovely daughter! Aren’t they adorable?

Stanley is one of OWNRIDES’ first ever drivers. Since we started working together, Stanley has proven again and again his dedication and love for his job. As a caring person who is passionate about his homeland, Stanley will make sure that your stay in Taiwan is a safe and fun-filled adventure.

1. Most memorable moment

Stanley decided to embark on his career as a private driver after helping his friend out as a driver in a tour agency. Through his work there, he got to meet many customers, and discovered his love for the job – specifically, he found that he was especially happy to be able to introduce Taiwan’s beautiful scenery and culture his customers.

As a result, it is not too surprising that Stanley’s most memorable moment working as a driver at OWNRIDES involved helping his customers. In May of this year, Stanley was guiding a family visiting Hualien. However, a situation arose when they discovered that there was roadwork along the Suao-Hualien expressway, which prevented them from returning to Taipei. The family decided to take the train back to Taipei – but unfortunately, there were no train tickets available. The trains were already fully booked.

In this dreadful situation, Stanley was, fortunately, able quickly settle the problem – he approached the ticket booth and explained to the staff that the family was travelling with a one-year-old child, and managed to negotiate a set of tickets for the family. Stanley was able to use his quick wits and intimate knowledge of Taiwan – he knew that all trains had reserved seats for special customers e.g. the elderly or disabled – to help his customers out of a crisis situation. Indeed, with a reliable and caring driver like Stanley, your journey in Taiwan is bound to be safe.

2. Favourite place

Stanley’s favourite place in Taiwan in Hualien. He especially recommends Hualien for city dwellers, as a place to relax and refresh your mind and soul. In the various attractions in Hualien, there are endless beautiful sights – beautiful mountains and seas for visitors to enjoy. A few of these places include:

A. Taroko Gorge 太魯閣

taroko 2.jpg
Photo credits to Joe Lewis
taroko 1.jpg
Photo credits to Larry Koester

The Taroko Gorge National Park is a place of immense beauty, packed with many attractions to visit, like the Eternal Spring Shrine and Swallow Grotto. Nestled between mountains, Taroko makes for a fantastic place to hike and enjoy the fresh air. If you are interested in visiting Taroko, be sure to check out our one day Taroko Gorge tour!

B. Qixingtan/Chihsingtan七星潭

Photo credits to billy1125

Qixingtan is a beautiful beach with various trails and pavilions for visitors to enjoy. This beautiful beach is perfect for an evening stroll, or perhaps a leisurely cycle along the ocean.

3. Favourite food

Stanley’s favourite Taiwanese foods are beef noodles and Weng Yao Chicken.

beef noodles
Photo credits to bryan…

Beef noodles are well-known in Taiwan. Delicious savoury broth with tender beef and springy noodles, beef noodles are a fantastic meal anytime, anywhere.

wengyao 1.jpg
Photo credits to Kenming Wang
weng yao 2.jpg
Photo credits to Kenming Wang

Weng Yao chicken is another popular dish – although more elusive than beef noodles. This roasted chicken is sold by Weng Yao Ji (Weng Yao Chicken) restaurant, which is especially famous in Yilan. If you are in the area, you have to try this out!

4. Lesser known places

Stanley recommends the Sha Po Dang river (砂婆礑溪) in Hualien as a lesser-known, but no less beautiful place to visit. Although it is a small river, it is a nice place to soak your feet and relax your mind.

We hope that this post has not only provided you with more knowledge of Taiwan and its beauty but also gave you more confidence in our experienced and passionate drivers. With OWNRIDES, we aim to allow you peace of mind to relax and explore your destination. We have full confidence that our service will make your stay a pleasant one.

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