How to plan your perfect itinerary in 3 easy steps

Planning for your upcoming travels can be both frustrating and fun. While is it definitely exciting to pick and choose all the interesting places you want to explore, it is less exhilarating to have to figure out how to get from place to place, or to calculate how much transport expenses you will have to spend. Moreover, if you want to hire a private driver, it is difficult to look for an experienced and reliable driver whom you can trust with your safety. This is where OWNRIDES comes in. Not only does OWNRIDES engage with trustworthy professionals, we allow you to have full control over your travel plans!

This is how OWNRIDES allows you to customise your perfect itinerary in 3 simple steps.

  1. Go to our website at, and select one of our many of pre-planned itineraries we have generated for you.

Step 1 - How to customise an OWNRIDES tour

Step 2 - How to customise an OWNRIDES tour Step 3 - How to customise an OWNRIDES tour

For example, we have the Ultimate Taipei Sightseeing Tour, where our drivers will bring you around to explore the essentials of Taipei city’s many attractions.

2. Scroll down and press the “Customise this tour” option

After reviewing the itinerary, you can edit the itinerary to better suit your needs and interests.

Step 4 - How to customise an OWNRIDES tour

3. Plan your perfect trip!

After the itinerary is imported into our customisation tool, you are free to change it to your heart’s content – you can change the pick up and drop off points, remove certain places, add other destinations, shift the order of visitation, and even adjust the time you want to spend at each location! While customising, our price will also adjust accordingly to reflect your new routes.

Step 5 - How to customise an OWNRIDES tour Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 2.43.15 PM.png

After you are done, simply proceed to payment and pay the deposit required!

And there you have it! In three simple steps, you have created the perfect itinerary. At OWNRIDES, we want to be able to provide for you the ease, comfort, and fun of travelling, while making the tedious planning process as simple as possible. At the same time, we ensure your safety with our professionally trained drivers.

Head over to and try out the customisation tool today!

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